Wobworld’s website and curriculum will be available at no cost to educators and schools

Join our curious, furry-tailed, little creature known simply as the Wob and his friends, the "Wob Mob." Together they venture out on exciting and playful learning adventures through a special land known as Wobworld. We offer a creative new approach to teaching, "learning through discovery" and "responsive strategies."

Wobworld’s Digital Learning Campus

Wobworld is a modern 21st Century progressive learning system designed specifically by children educators and psychologists. The fun cast of Wobworld will take your children along an exciting learning journey each time they log in. Our core curriculum has been thoroughly designed to prioritize active learning in a positive and safe environment where young learners can explore academics.

Wobworld’s website and curriculum will be available at no cost to educators and schools. The application is built for children from ages 2-6 and there are also games and learning experiences for children with disabilities, including those with cognitive, hearing, or visual impairments, can fully engage with the content in a manner that is easily accessible and highly engaging.

Wobworld’s educational website is in complete compliance in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Wobworld is the perfect fun TOOL for parents and teachers to give to young children with the assurance of supportive learning. Wobworld delivers high levels of inquiry-based learning focused on the five disciplines used in everyday activities, which promote problem solving, and creative and analytical thinking. From life and natural sciences, exploring coding, robotics, and mathematical practices, while simultaneously integrating arts education through song and dance.

Learning Subjects:

  • Mathematics and Robotics
  • Reading and Spelling
  • Liberal and Language Arts
  • Penmanship and Writing Skills
  • Science Health and Nutrition
  • Art, Shapes, and Colors
  • Music and Dance
  • Vital Social skills and Manners
  • Mutual Respect and Equality
  • Basic Coding Skills and Logic
  • Responsible Decision Making

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Wobworld’s Concept

Wobworld is a world made up of many cities with a new one added each month. The first city is Wobfalls. In the center of town is the Wobfalls Movie Theater. New educational videos and informative movies that will include the cast of Wobworld will be added each week. The Wobfalls School was designed to be a fun place to learn and to destress children from any anxieties they may have of attending school in real life. Visit Magic the Cat’s house and click on one of the many books from her vas library and you and her can read it together. Stop by Dr. Fooie’s lab and go inside and do experiments and learn all about science such as “what makes rain?”. Wobfalls also has a bank where children will learn all about money. How to count money, save money, and earn money! Each new city will have 5 to 7 buildings with different learning activities. When you enter the Learning Tree you will be embarking on amazing adventures with the cast of Wobworld.

Dr. Fooie’s Lab
Magic The Cat’s House
The Movie Theater
The Bank

Wobworld’s Main Characters

The Wob

An adorable raccoon-tailed ball-of-energy who sprang to life, fully formed, after a happy accident in Dr. Fooie’s laboratory. Though Wob looks, moves, and reacts like an older child, he is as innocent and unlearned as a newborn baby. He knows almost nothing about himself or the world around him—so he’s bursting with questions and eager for answers! Wob is the heart of the show.

Magic The Cat

She speaks with a soft tone but her real magic comes from the ring she wears. A turn of the ring’s red stone and wonderful things happen. Magic is a mother figure to both Wob and Dr. Fooie. However, she is strict when it comes to good manners and proper social behavior.

Dr. Fooie

A brilliant, though slightly scatter- brained, scientist. He loves taking Wob on adventures where they can explore science and society. Part teacher and part parent, he is wise enough to know that hands-on learning and the freedom to make mistakes in a safe environment are the some of the best learning tools a child can be given.

The Learning Tree

The tree is a large sturdy Apple Tree. The Learning Tree can talk. His voice and character is that of an endearing old grandfather type his “schtick” is old bad puns. The learning tree provides transportation magically to all of the cities in Wobworld.

Chepi the Chimp

Chepi The Signing Chimp has a wonderful gift that he will share with the courageous Wob mob! For the deaf and hard of hearing Chepi will be available for translation in American Sign Language (ASL). He is also the most fun playmate Wob could ever want!

Attention Parents, Teachers and Schools

Wobworld’s website and curriculum will be available at no cost to educators and schools. Wobworld provides a multimedia platform of educator resources, designed by educators at your grade level. This will allow teachers to harness the powerful attachment children will form with the Wob and Friends to support them in facilitating highly engaging instructional lessons and assessments through the Wobworld digital learning campus. Parents will be able to monitor their children’s progress through our digital tracking system which will illustrate through graphs and charts. Teachers will also be able to communicate directly with the parents of registered users.

Wobworld TAP Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our new privately funded program, Wobworld TAP. This is our Teachers Assistance Program for the State of Nevada. This program will allow you to receive a donation from Wobworld to use as you see fit for supplies for your classroom. Wobworld TAP is open to all Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade Teachers within the State of Nevada. If you are in need of school supplies email us an estimated amount of what supplies you will need and Wobworld will mail you a check. This program will be added soon, please stay tuned.

Services For Children with Special Needs

In Wobworld, no one is left out. Children with disabilities, including those with cognitive, hearing, or visual impairments, can fully engage with the content in a manner that is easily accessible and highly engaging. Visitors can travel to Victory Island. This is a unique place where leading by example is all important. Children with special needs will learn from other children, like themselves, who have already overcome learning challenges and are achieving amazing results.

Soothing rolling hills of green grass cover the surface which signals that this is a safe place for them. The blue buildings and roads throughout Victory Island act as instant de-stressors for children with autism.

Parents Bed Time Story Contest!

Each month for the next full year, we will be hosting our “Original Bedtime Story Contest” for all parents. Tell us your favorite story you like to tell and we can share it, publish it, and pay you for your story!

It’s so easy to do! Just enter our contest by uploading your original bedtime story (500 words or less) we will choose four stories per month and the winners will receive 50% of the proceeds and 25% will be used to cover publishing costs. The winning contestant’s name will be on the cover and your book will be available for sale in our Wobworld store.

Each winner will receive 50% of the cover price month. The winner will have their original story published as a full color eBook with your name on it. Each illustrated book will be available to purchase in the Wobworld Store. There are no additional costs or charges passed on to the winners. Because children are our main concern, the remaining 25% will be donated to another charity that helps children.

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